Be Brave, My Heart! – The 6th Annual Valentiny Contest

~ for children’s writers ~

‘s Contest: since writing for children is all about “big emotion for little people” and Valentines Day is all about emotion, write a Valentines story appropriate for children (defined as ages 12 and under) 214 words max in which someone feels brave!

Here’s my second entree…one for the girls 😉


Word Count: 208

Knock the ball out of the park.

Brave the monsters after dark.

Share my toys.

Hang with the boys.

‘Cus I’m not just a pretty girl.

Sell out the lemons in the stand.

Lead the marching, play the band.

Score the highest on the test.

Accept the compliments when I do best.

‘Cus I’m not just a pretty girl.

Write the essay.

Race the relay.

Drive the cars.

Scale the bars.

Paint in blue.

Tie my shoe.

Star the show.

Skip the bow.

Dress in pants.

Take a stance.

‘Cus I’m not just a pretty girl.

Climb the trees.

Scrape my knees.

Dig in the dirt.

Mud on my skirt.

‘Cus I’m not just a pretty girl.

Math, Science, Chemistry

I know the answer, call on me.

A chef, a doctor, a Nasa mission —

work, play, learn, listen.

Born from woman

heaven sent,

to become…

the President.

Bow, curtsey, kneel, twirl.

Hammer, nail, build, curl.

Dream big,

brave a better world…

‘cus I’m not just a pretty girl.

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Susanna Leonard Hill

What a strong, confident girl, Melissa! She certainly knows who she is! Nice job showing her willingness to be who she is!

thanks Susanna! I just added a new stanza, too, this morning which I love 🙂 and is so very NOW.

Yes, yes, we’re not just “pretty girls!” Great entry.

thank you Lady! I just added a new line I think you will like 🙂

Colleen Dougherty

Two wonderful stories. I think it’s brave to tackle the pretty girl syndrome, too! Don’t judge a girl by her looks!

Heck yea! 💪

Charlotte Dixon

Love the confident girl power behind this submission! Good luck!

Yay!! 💪

Pamela Courtney

You really know how to show girl power. Well done lady.

Thanks Pam!!

Love the sass and confidence in this main character! So nicely done. Good luck!


Love this! Like I am woman, hear me roar. Nicely done. Good luck!

Thank you!

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