A Writing Exercise Inspired by #FALLFRENZY

Happy Saturday!

It’s getting brisk out there these days. But with the sun shining, the colors changing, and the pumpkins spicing, I’m still holding on.

That brings me to today’s newest little writing piece I’d like to share. My last post consisted of a Fall themed “poem” I wrote for the kidlit community’s #FallWritingFrenzy writing challenge : a 200 word or less writing piece for a younger audience, as a result of a photograph of our choice from the Fall themed ones provided by the contest creators.

Co-creator Kaitlyn Sanchez (Twitter @ KaitlynLeann17) has since inspired another fun challenge – flip your piece on it’s head…

My main character was YOU. It was how individuals travel down the road of Fall, and all the experiences we encounter. It was about the ups and downs of the changing seasons, and how we must all have our falls to have our springs. To everything there is a season, right?

In order to flip my UNLESS YOU FALL poem, I wanted to tell it from Fall’s point of view. Here, Fall is the main character, speaking to YOU, now. Have a read, then get out in that beautiful sun today. Soak it up and spice it up while you can. And if where you are, the sun isn’t currently shining, the colors aren’t painting, and the pumpkin isn’t spicing….don’t fret. You can’t have Spring unless you Fall.


A “Flipping Fall” Writing Challenge

They never like when Summer leaves

But they don’t mind me.

They welcome me

like a soft wind

with open limbs.

They like what I blow in.

They walk with me

on the winding road

splashed with color.

Crisp Sunrises

Apples to pick

Pumpkins to find

Footballs to kick

Fires to light

that shine on shared stories

and toast toes and marshmallows.

Brisk mornings

spiced with lattes

that give way to warm afternoon sun

and hot evening cocoa.

They like what I bring

to their schedules

and their wardrobes.

Cute boots

cozy scarfs

in shades of cinnamon and clove

accessorize their lives.

Lives that are changing

with the seasons

budding like the mums

spinning like the webs

turning like the leaves.

They trick or treat

and gather with friends,

thankful and full.

They don’t mind me.

But one bad apple,

the first frigid morning that never warms,

the last of the daylight that creeps in too early

means there’s something coming…

something colder





They never like when I leave.

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