About Me

Since I was a kid, I’ve had a lot to say.

Today, I speak my stories through personal connection and children’s books.

An avid animal advocate and believer that change starts with the child, I write about kindness, friendship, and animal welfare. 

I wear many hats, and tell tales with a little bit of chuckle and a lot of cheese.

I believe life experiences shape the stories we share,

so I spend time traveling,


and making new friends.

My personal stories include receiving both a Communication and English degree in Creative Writing,  

dancing and volunteering in children’s hospitals as a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader,

developing multiple designer sunglass lines,  

running a 10K through the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world,

ziplining next to a live volcano,

and volunteering for animal rescue groups.

I am a Jersey Girl who lives near the beach and spends time writing and visiting schools sprinkling kindness and awareness with my special sidekick, Memphis the Dog. I have never met a cupcake or dog I didn’t like, especially the ones with sweet sprinkle breath.