The Pitch Project


Pitching problems? Want to make your pitch perfectly appealing?

What is a pitch, anyway? And why do you need it?

If you’re looking to submit your story, you will need a 2-3 sentence pitch on what it is about, including your action and theme. Not only are pitches needed for submissions, but they are truly helpful in your writing process. Your pitch should very concisely state what happens in your story and the point of it’s existence, without giving away the ending. In formulating a pitch, you — as the author — will be able to make sure your completed manuscript reflects the direction you intended to go in your story.

This is like a word math problem, and figuring out your pitch will help you figure out your own story. Did you stay true to your theme? Do you have proper structure and incident? Did you tell the story you intended to write? Or did it change- which is also OK, and what writing a pitch can help you realize!

Often called “The Pitch Whisperer,” I love the art of dissecting a story and turning it into the perfect pitch.

Batter up! And put your best pitch forward!

Please feel free to inquire for more info. My services will include a read through of your manuscript and either a pitch critique, suggestions for improvement, presented questions to help you analyze your pitch, or a full pitch production! If you do not wish to share your manuscript, a synopsis or discussion of your work can also suffice in order for me to help you put your best pitch forward!

Pitch services for Picture Books are $10 for manuscripts up to 700 words. Twitter pitches also offered for a lower fee.


Your story is a home run, but let’s pitch it first!

Questioning your Query?

  • Batter Up: Introduction
  • Run the Bases: Pitch & Hook
  • Wave to the Crowd: Short Bio
  • Slide Into Home: Conclusion

and always follow submission guidelines!

Pitch It to Hit it!

Some formulas:

  • When A encounters B, C happens.
  • MC wants (goal), but he/she encounters (problem). So, he/she (takes action) and discovers (theme).
  • someone/thing – wanted – but – so – then

Pitch Tips:

  • hook the reader
  • introduce your character
  • incite the incident
  • allude to a solution
  • don’t give away the ending

Pitch praises!

“Want to pitch your picture book? Meet the Pitch Whisperer. Melissa R’s got you covered. Her super power is matching your hook with the jargon from your story plus the flavor of your main character. She wraps it all up in a clever concise manner. Melissa is my go to expert.”

Janie Reinart, ReFoReMo Facebook Group Moderator and blog contributor. Author Until Water Makes Mud: A Story of Refugee Children (summer 2020 release)

“I like to call Melissa the “pitch queen.” She can find the essence of your story and add fun, pitchy phrases to make your pitch shine. As one of my valued critique partners, I can attest to her talent, work ethic, and professionalism.” 

Kathy Halsey, Children’s Writer. Speaker. Educator

“I can’t write a pitch to save my life. Enter Melissa and her brain, working in ways I can’t begin to understand. She takes a story, breaks it down to it’s heart, humor, sadness, hook, and POOF! Out comes this amazing pitch! I’ve witnessed this and benefited from it. Impressive, and worth every penny.”

Marietta Appollonio, Writer & Illustrator

“Melissa is the Pitch Physician giving your pitch that submission ready heart-beat. I brought two sickly pitches to Melissa. Her intuitive insights resuscitated both hooks, by showing how to present my unique storytelling voice to my pitch. Her skill for asking pertinent questions, ensures you deliver on the promise of your story’s premise.”

Pamela Courtney, Educator, Creator of MyLMNOP Literacy & Music programming for Early Learners, Children’s Writer, Mentee of Highlights Diversity Fellowship

“Editors and agents give 3 seconds of attention to your query pitch. My pitches never come easy. Melissa is a word wizard. She infuses those 3 seconds with magic words that generate those additional questions that pique the interest of editors and agents.”

Charlotte Dixon, Writer & Illustrator

“Melissa is a clever, charismatic person who is a pitch perfect queen.  She has great advice and I highly recommend her.”

Monique Wakefield, Writer & Illustrator

Please see my contact page for inquiries. Typical response time is immediate-within 1 day.