Keep your lemons…I don’t even like lemonade. Or do I?

We’ve all heard the “take lemons and make lemonade” spiel. But, even lemonade can be sour. And there’s only so much of that stuff one person can drink. Amirite?!

It’s not alway easy seeing the silver lining. And in today’s world, everyone is encouraging finding that in our current situation. But isn’t it a bit exhausting to squeeze out lemonade from all these lemons?

Bad things happen. To all of us. Really crummy, stomach-achey, bad things.

But sometimes, those bad things snowball into good.

Sometimes, those stomach aches turn into butterflies.

Sometimes, those lemons really do make one refreshing, sweet lemonade.

And I’d drink to that…

I often wonder about little circumstances in life that – if different or never happened- would mean a complete different life than the one I am living. What small decisions have you made that changed the entire course of your life? What unfortunate circumstance has happened to you that, if you stop and think, actually produced some sort of good?

Here, for my first blog post, I’d like to share one of mine. I find it appropriate because it’s a silver lining of a really bad situation, which is very timely right now. It also explains the start of why I am here, doing this, writing picture books, working towards publication, encouraging empathy and emotions, sharing stories and finding friendships, advocating for animals and promoting the greater good…

…and babbling to ya’ll about silly lemons.

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