Be Brave, My Heart! – The 6th Annual Valentiny Contest

~ for children’s writers ~

SUSANNA LEONARD HILL‘s Contest: since writing for children is all about “big emotion for little people” and Valentines Day is all about emotion, write a Valentines story appropriate for children (defined as ages 12 and under) 214 words max in which someone feels brave!


Word Count: 207

Boys just don’t give other boys valentines.



So maybe I’ll give one to Cora

or Mahlia

or wait, no…

maybe some candy hearts for Hannah

or roses for Rosie.


Forget it.

Valentines is dumb, anyways.

Who needs hugs

and love,

sticky kisses

and sweet wishes?

So dumb.

And why is Lucas looking at me like that?

Everyone knows he’s…


Cora knows it,

and Mahlia,

and Hannah and Rosie.

I don’t do different.

And I DON’T need anymore friends.


I never wanted Lucas to be just a friend, anyway.



Forget about Lucas.

Everyone else has.

He’s probably forgotten about me…

although he’s STILL looking at me like that.

Like he wants to give me a valentine,

or some candy hearts,

or some roses.

But all through the day,

and all night long…

I think of Lucas.

Not Cora

or Mahlia

or Hannah or Rosie….

I can’t forget the way he looks at me

and sees me like no one else.

So the next morning,

before the bell even rings,

I know…

Boys just don’t give other boys valentines.


That’s dumb.

They give it to them right in front of the whole class.

Dear Lucas,

Will you be brave with me?

Posted by mrutigliano


Susanna Leonard Hill

Wow, Melissa. That’s real bravery. You did a great job of showing your MC struggling with his feelings, and how brave that he followed his heart in the end, even though it must have been hard. Thanks for joining in the Valentiny fun!

thanks for having me, and for your comments!

Such a wonderfully original and BRAVE valentine story!!! What a winner.

Thanks so much Kathy!!

Colleen Dougherty

I love this story! Such a brave kid and I love the ending:) Really great story!

Awesome! Thanks!!

Charlotte Dixon

Brava! Touching and heart-felt. Like Kathy says, “What a winner.”


Pamela Courtney

Oh I love this so much Melissa.

Thank you 🙏 mwa!!!

Wow. This is wonderful, so tender and touching and brave. It really speaks to the reader. Thank you for posting this!

Thanks so much for saying that!

He’s very brave and you did a great job of showing his struggle with his feelings. Good job and good luck!

thanks so much for saying that!

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